Frequently Asked Questions

The world of online giving can be confusing, so we’ve got ready answers to your most common questions.

Everything About Fees

When I sign up with Clover Give is it my payment gateway and merchant account, too? Do I still need my or other accounts?

Yes and No.

Yes, we are your payment gateway and merchant account. So, “no” you do not need any other accounts. It’s the best combination. Clover Give covers all the steps of the giving process. No need for any additional accounts. And no additional fees.

When are the processing fees charged?
The transaction fee for the previous month is taken within the first seven business days of the month. Any of these charges can be found in the Billing Report in Canned Reports, under Reports.
Why does Clover Give need a copy of my driver's license? How do you use my driver's license?
While a driver’s license is not a hard requirement, we strongly encourage customers to provide this information so we can quickly verify the identity of the account signer and ensure the details entered on the application are submitted correctly. You would be surprised at how many typos we see! The more documentation you provide upfront, the faster we can verify your information and the faster you can start processing gifts.
During the application process, you will be asked for your first and last name, home address, date of birth, and social security number. This information is required as of 5/11/2018 by FinCEN (The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) to ensure effective customer due diligence, preventing fraud and protecting your ministry’s sensitive data.
Does Clover Give perform credit checks for Applicants?
No, this information is not used for credit checks. Besides collecting your bank information, the processing bank will perform a sanctions-check to ensure they can do business with the entity and individuals. The information will also be utilized to perform CIP (customer identification program) checks. They will also leverage the information in ongoing regulatory compliance reviews of the entity.

Reports, Integration & Support

What does the Control Panel look like?

Here is a demo video that gives an overview of the entire system: 

What financial giving reports does Clover Give provide?
From your control panel, you can view a variety of custom reports filtered by person, transaction, fund, and date range. All digital donations are recorded and can be found in reporting.
Will it integrate with Quickbooks?
We can help set up a custom import/export profile for integrating with Quickbooks.
What Church Management Systems does Clover Give integrate with?

With the ChMS options below, the software can talk to each other and the integration is very smooth. Systems that work with  Clover Give and the integration is free:

  • Servant Keeper
  • F1
  • CCB
  • Simple Church
What other Church Management Systems is Clover Give compatible with? (file based export profiles)

You can set up great import/export files and save your settings to make it easy and convenient to transfer information with the following list of ChMS options:

  • Shelby (both Arena & Legacy)
  • ACS Technologies
  • The City
  • HelpMate
  • PowerChurch
  • Church Office Online
  • QuickBooks
Does Clover Give have a knowledge base? What about Help and Support?

We do! You can see the knowledge base by typing in the search bar in the Support tab inside of Clover Give. 


You have full access to Help and Support during your free trial, too. We never leave you on your own!

eCheck & ACH

Does Clover Give allow a member to set up recurring donations from their checking account (ACH)?
Yes, our giving platform would allow you to set up recurring ACH contributions. Options include monthly, twice per month, bi-weekly and weekly.
What if we don't want to process credit cards and only want ACH?

If you’d like to restrict giving to ACH, we can disable the credit card processing on your account. You would then only be paying  the ACH transaction fee of 1.0% + $0.39.

Can I Donate to Multiple Funds?

If you’d like to allow your donors to make gifts to more than one fund or campaign, they will need to pay with a credit or debit card. Not available for ACH at this time.

International Donations

Can we work with Canadian clients?
Currently, the merchant processors that we work with do not service any churches or non-profits in Canada. However, we can recommend our friends at MinistryLinq. They have excellent customer service and do have the ability to work with Canadian organizations.
Can transactions be processed from outside the country?
Transactions can be processed from a donor who is located outside the United States when making a gift or an event purchase. The only warning is that  the donor needs to be using a major credit card. Debit cards and ACH, unfortunately, would not be processed.


When I lease a kiosk or tablet, is there an option for our church to own the hardware after a certain period?
At the end of 24 months, you can renew the kiosk lease, cancel it and send the equipment back, or, if you want to purchase the equipment, there is a $300 buyout. That will cancel your monthly lease payment, but there will still be a $19 monthly maintenance fee to use the software.
Some additional clarification on kiosk leases.

The term for a kiosk lease is for 24 months. Prices are as follows:

  • Floor Stand Lease » $99/month + $19/month software maintenance fee
  • Table Mount Lease » $89/month + $19/month software maintenance fee
  • Wall Mount Lease » $79/month + $19/month software maintenance fee

We require the first month’s lease payment (monthly lease payment + maintenance fee) and a signed lease agreement before we can process the order.

At the end of the 24 Months, there are 3 options.

  1. Your lease can be renewed for 24 months at the same price.
  2. The lease can end at the end of 24 Months, and return the equipment.
  3. You can buy out the lease for $300.00 and the equipment is yours. This will cancel the monthly lease payment, but the $19.00 monthly maintenance fee will still apply.
If you want to cancel the lease before the 24-month term ends, you will still be responsible for the monthly payments remaining in your lease.

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