Encourage your congregation to reach out from wherever they are and support the worship and work of your church. Churches using the Clover Give platform see an average increase in overall giving of 32%.

Give from Anywhere… Convenient Giving encourages first-time givers and allows faithful regulars to give more easily and consistently.

Clover Give is easy and beautiful — and available to serve your congregation in a variety of ways.

Step 1 Get Your Church Involved

Onboarding Resources

We have great resources to help get your congregation involved and join. Our team is ready and available to coach you through the setup process. We can help with the technology and security questions you will have. But we also know a thing or two about the best ways to explain Clover Give to your congregation.

In the Clover Give control panel, we have a whole resource library to walk you through your roll-out timeline.

Branded Interface

Help your donors feel comfortable and secure as they support your church. Did you know that donors are 7x more likely to donate when shown a recognizable (branded) donations page vs. a generic, unbranded one? Use Clover Give to create the look and feel that will  match your church website. 

Step 2 Give in So Many Ways

Allow your congregation to support your church no matter what kind of device they use. You can meet them anywhere — because your donations technology can keep up. And it’s easy to use for those who aren’t so tech savvy. Clover Give is cutting edge so you don’t have to be.

Online Giving

Clover Give integrates seamlessly with your Clover Sites church website. Add prominent, clickable buttons on your website. Drive traffic to your customized giving page. Make it easy for your congregation to support your church — no matter their technological skill level. All Clover Give buttons, forms and features are fully mobile responsive.  Your congregation can donate on-the-go in a matter of seconds!

Text Giving

Text giving is included with your Clover Give account at no additional cost and you’ll receive a dedicated 10-digit phone number specifically for your church — no sharing or special codes to memorize. Members can easily sign up in one minute and begin texting their donations to your church. Learn more about Text-to-Give on our Pricing page.

Kiosk Giving

With giving kiosks, members and visitors can give directly while they are in your building — or anywhere you have wi-fi.  Manage your signup forms for volunteers, mission trips, vacation bible school and more. It’s easier than the Self Checkout at the grocery store. See the options for Giving Kiosks.

ACH/Check Processing
Accept the forms of payment that work for your church and your congregation. Use the perfect combination of credit, debit and/or ACH (eChecks) that will fit your church’s mission. These run on a separate fee structure, but are still very manageable. Visit our Pricing page for details.

Step 3 Keep it Organized

Customized Control

No church is exactly like any other. Clover Give provides an online giving solution that is as unique as your church. Flexible giving options make sure your members can give easily and regularly — and they can feel in control.

Data Tracking and Security

Let Clover Give’s powerful control panel help you manage the data from your online giving. Whether you need your giving data to tell a story, to export to another system and to remain as secure as possible, we have you covered.

ChMS Compatibility

Clover Give has built-in compatibility with a variety of ChMS options. Is yours on the list? We even have fully integrated solutions available for Servant Keeper, F1, CCB, and Simple Church. 

Step 4 Drive Engagement

32% Increase in Giving

Many churches who switch to the Clover Give platform, see great results. Our average client sees a 32% increase in their giving. Using Clover Give it is easy to help your congregation as they support your church.

Automatic Recurring Giving

One of the best ways to increase your overall giving and provide forecasting for your church budget is to encourage recurring giving. Members set the frequency at which they give and have the choice to give to multiple funds at separate intervals.

Optional “Donor Pays Fees” Feature

With Clover Give, you have the option to ask your donors to add 2%-3% to their donation to help cover the processing fees from the card issuing banks (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). This option adds a line item to your donor portal and when selected by the donor, automatically calculates the addition to their gift.

With Clover Give, you get more — without paying more.

We keep the pricing simple and easy to understand. We’re not here to make it confusing, we’re here to serve your church.